AmirunKhanom excited to partner with Angela Quaintrell - AQ Showroom

When we attended the CFE 2 day Market Entry programme in early 2018 and got the chance to listen to and meet with Angela little did we know that our Autumn Winter 2019 collection would be with her in her London and Paris showrooms :-)

For those of you who do not know her Angela is an experienced buyer, mentor to young startups, brand consultant and agent in the fashion sector. She has curated an exceptional collection of talented designers under her AQ Market showroom and AmirunKhanom is happy and humbled to now be included in that group.

Amirun has been working with Angela for the last couple of months and is now putting the final touches in place for Pre-Fall 2019.

Angela’s showroom, based in Central London, will now be the base for AmirunKhanom selling and the boutiques and stores we deal with will go to the showroom to see our collections. Angela’s client base includes key stores in the UK and Europe as well as an emerging US clientele.

This is Angela and Amirun chatting through some inspirations from Instagram during our last visit to the showroom.