Centre For Fashion Enterprise - Market Entry Programme


Back in April we attended the CFE two day market entry programme in London where, along with around 20 to 30 other fashion startups and early stage businesses, we got to explore various aspects of a fashion startup. 

The lead for the two days was Grant Boston who has worked as a brand strategist and designer for many brands across fashion and lifestyle. On day two we were joined by Angela Quaintrell who covered range planning and sales/routes to market. 

The 2 days were really productive. The topics and discussions ranged from doing elevator pitches to the full room (great for honing your meandering brand introduction down to specific clear messaging!) through to business planning, logistics and production and market positioning. 

Our pitch from the day was:

We are AmirunKhanom, a new womenwear brand founded by someone whose first memory of clothing was sitting between her parents sewing at home. 

From making her first full outfit at 11 and then for nearly 30 years for friends and family Amirun now designs a range of classic clothes that continue to make the wearer feel strong, confident and empowered. 

It is a classic wear label that take you from day to night with pieces that can be worn across multiple seasons and which are designed by the founder and manufactured either in the UK or near shore in Europe. Our target market is professional women.

The single biggest focus though across both facilitators was on range planning, routes to market and sales - where every business lives or dies. The opportunities for targeted and focused marketing activities to support those sales were also explored.

We learned a lot from the other participants as well as from Grant and Angela. It was a really useful stage of our continuous learning and development of the commercial side of the business founded by Amirun Khanom.