Fabric and Fairs

London is our base and special to AmirunKhanom. It is where our day to day inspirations come from and where our sampling and manufacturing is located.

However we also working with suppliers in Europe and that reflects the wider fashion industry as well as the outlook of those of us within AmirunKhanom.

Fabric Fairs

The largest fabric and textile fairs in Europe happen in Paris, Milan and Munich and Amirun will be visiting Paris and Milan in February as well as the ones held in London.

The European fairs are really important for her to get a sense of the trends and changes in fabrics for the next 2 main seasons (Spring Summer and Autumn Winter 2020).

In our current collection (Pre/AW 2019) we are using wool from a UK mill and silk from an Italian mill. You can see some of the pieces below.

We will continue to work with natural fabrics where-ever possible while exploring and learning more about the emerging materials from smaller manufacturers focused on sustainability. More about that in a future post.

No matter what happens between now and the end of March (no mention of the B word here) AmirunKhanom will continue to be a proudly London based business with strong EU connections.