Paris Fashion Week and our Paris Showroom, March 2019

Since we started (we are now showing our second collection and finalising the design of our third) we have continued to explore the most effective ways to make our pieces available to the professional and independent woman they are designed for.

While selling online has many advantages and can be very positive we continue to believe that trying on the pieces in a boutique or store with people there to help is the most relevant to our prospective customers.

While those women are busy the final look and feel of the pieces they wear to work each day is something they need to have unquestioning confidence in and that can only come through trying them on, getting the size right and feeling really good looking in the mirror.

The Paris Showroom, March 2019

We are so lucky therefore that we were asked by Angela Quaintrell to show in her AQ Showroom in London and also in Paris during Fashion Week March 2019. This gives us direct exposure to buyers from those boutiques and department stores in the UK, Europe and the US.

With AQ Showroom we will be displayed alongside labels such as Khosla Jani, YSI YSU, Oubinov, By Varga, Cafmere and Print Theorem.

Amirun will be there for the full week from Friday 1st March to Wednesday 6th and that will be an opportunity to meet with those buyers from America, Europe and the UK as well as many from other parts of the world.

The showroom is at 102 Rue de Turenne, Paris, Ile-de-France, 75003 and it would be great to see you there.

London Showroom, Marylebone

We are also shown in Angela AQ Market showroom in Marylebone which you can visit by appointment - contact Angela at

If you would like to contact Amirun in advance use our contact form here.