Women's workwear - achieving the balance between professional and pretty

The balance between professional and pretty has always been a hard one for professional women to achieve. On the one hand you have sleek tailoring that echoes all the sophistication you want but comes with the strict, masculine look that you don’t. On the other hand, can pales, pastels and florals really be appropriate for board meetings and career-making presentations? The answer is to create a look that’s a combination of the two…

AmirunKhanom presents pieces that respect both sides of the workwear coin with fiercely feminine effects and structured lines. Long sleeved dresses in choices like playful pink or timeless black feature body-conscious cuts yet offer the kind of formality you need for a day in the office. Likewise, these chic items are injected with short slits and flared hemlines that allow for after-hours dinner or drinks. For women, the key to dressing for work means creating a look that respects your environment without taking away from your personal style. Even better are pieces that seamlessly float from work to play. Our sleeveless dresses get a whole new lease on life when paired with platforms or slinky stilettos.

Also important is versatility. When designing for the contemporary woman, designer Amirun Khanom considered that value is not only about price. These elegant dresses are easily slipped under sharp blazers or made softer with feminine knitwear. The options are as endless as the dresses are timeless. A good dress should be as hardworking and adaptable as you, so it feels like a treasure, not a treat, especially if you can wear it all day and into the evening.