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Yoga on London rooftop

As a certified yoga teacher and life coach, Jackie has been working with clients worldwide to not only deepen their yoga practice but also their lives. With a certification in Ashtanga and experience abroad ranging from Canada, China, Australia and other countries, she has developed strong ties to other practices such as, Vinyasa, Power yoga, and yin.

Jackie has taught yoga to a diverse age range, such as elementary and secondary students in schools to corporate clients in London as she loves to share her knowledge of the practice. 

She specialises with people looking to build confidence or enhance their own practice, especially those new to yoga. With over 10 years of experience, Jackie has developed individual programs to help those looking to deepen their own practices into something that unifies the mind, body and soul.

Although she does offer private sessions convenient to the client, she does have locations that can provide all the equipment and space necessary. Her ability to reignite the mind, body and soul connection through practice, breathing and questioning allow her clients to move forward on and off the mat. If you are looking for a custom practice, for individual or group sessions, you can contact Jackie at by completing the online contact form or email connect@amirunkhanom.co.uk